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  • AXIS 2021: Minyoung Kang, Ram Han, Hayne Park, Ahn Min
  • AXIS 2021: Minyoung Kang, Ram Han, Hayne Park, Ahn Min

    강민영_봇_Oil on canvas, stainless steel_가변설치_2021@MinyoungKang_VOT_Oil on canvas, stainless steel_Dimension variable_2021
    MinyoungKang_VOT_Oil on canvas, stainless steel_Dimension variable_2021
    강민영_병풍 Op.1_Oil on canvas, wood_220x100cm_2021@MinyoungKang_Folding Screen  Op.1_Oil on canvas, wood_220x100cm_2021
    MinyoungKang_Folding Screen Op.1_Oil on canvas, wood_220x100cm_2021
    강민영_봇_Oil on canvas, wood_diameter 100cm_2021@MinyoungKang_VOT_Oil on canvas, wood_diameter 100cm_2021
    MinyoungKang_VOT_Oil on canvas, wood_diameter 100cm_2021
    람한_Kiss_Moving image, digital_3840x2160p_2021@Ram Han_Kiss_Moving image, digital_3840x2160p_2021
    Ram Han_Kiss_Moving image, digital_3840x2160p_2021
    람한_Case_01_03 (city)_56x200cm_Light panel_2020@Ram Han_Case_01_03 (city)_56x200cm_Light panel_2020
    Ram Han_Case_01_03 (city)_56x200cm_Light panel_2020
    람한_Case_01_02 (toxin, intestine)_100x100cm_Light panel_2020@Ram Han_Case_01_02 (toxin, intestine)_100x100cm_Light panel_2020
    Ram Han_Case_01_02 (toxin, intestine)_100x100cm_Light panel_2020
    람한_Case_01_03 (recombined scenery)_Light panel_100x100cm_2020@Ram Han_Case_01_03 (recombined scenery)_Light panel_100x100cm_2020
    Ram Han_Case_01_03 (recombined scenery)_Light panel_100x100cm_2020
    람한_Glass rose_Archival pigment print_25x20cm_2020@Ram Han_Glass rose_Archival pigment print_25x20cm_2020
    Ram Han_Glass rose_Archival pigment print_25x20cm_2020
    박혜인_Nocturnal creature #2_Glass, luminous glass, 27xH32cm_2021@Hayne Park_Nocturnal creature #2_Glass, luminous glass, 27xH32cm_2021
    Hayne Park_Nocturnal creature #2_Glass, luminous glass, 27xH32cm_2021
    박혜인_Nocturnal creature #3_Glass, luminous glass_36x40x9cm_2021@Hayne Park_Nocturnal creature #3_Glass, luminous glass_36x40x9cm_2021
    Hayne Park_Nocturnal creature #3_Glass, luminous glass_36x40x9cm_2021
    박혜인_Nematostelle_Glass, luminous glass_diameter 10cm, H25cm_2021@Hayne Park_Nematostelle_Glass, luminous glass_diameter 10cm, H25cm_2021
    Hayne Park_Nematostelle_Glass, luminous glass_diameter 10cm, H25cm_2021
    박혜인_Swelling_Glass, photography print_45.4x30.5cm_2021@Hayne Park_Swelling_Glass, photography print_45.4x30.5cm_2021
    Hayne Park_Swelling_Glass, photography print_45.4x30.5cm_2021
     안민_Conscience(21나510*)_Oil on sign flex_510x200cm_2021@Min Ahn_Conscience(21나510*)_Oil on sign flex_510x200cm_2021
    Min Ahn_Conscience(21나510*)_Oil on sign flex_510x200cm_2021
    안민_Conscience(69보441x)_oil on sign flex_90.9x72.7cm_2020@Min Ahn_Conscience(69보441x)_oil on sign flex_90.9x72.7cm_2020
    Min Ahn_Conscience(69보441x)_oil on sign flex_90.9x72.7cm_2020
    안민_Conscience(21월0405)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021@Min Ahn_Conscience(21월0405)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021
    Min Ahn_Conscience(21월0405)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021
    안민_Conscience(21수0331)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021@Min Ahn_Conscience(21수0331)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021
    Min Ahn_Conscience(21수0331)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021
    안민_Conscience(21화0504)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021@Min Ahn_Conscience(21화0504)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021
    Min Ahn_Conscience(21화0504)_iPad drawing printed on paper_43x61cm_2021


    Kang Min Young 

    2007  M.F.A Painting, Keimyung University
    2009  B.F.A Painting, Keimyung University

    2017  Daegu Art Factory-Ten Topic Project, Korea
    2016  Cité Internationale des Arts In Paris, France
    2013  Gachang Art Studio, Korea
    Solo Exhibition
    2020  Vernacular, Biotope gallery, Daegu
    2019  Layer, Black stone CC, Icheon
    2018  Another Island, Daegu Art  Factory, Daegu
    2017  CLOSER, Gallery artbn-Seoul
    2015  Youth Startup, Daegu Culture & Arts Center, Daegu
    2013  The Island, Beomeo-art Street, Daegu
    2011  The Island, Artspace hyen, Seoul
    2008  OPAQUE WINDOW, Suseong artpia, Daegu
    Group Exhibition
    2020  Forest of Breath, Nonprofit Art Space Ssac, Daegu
    2019  Representative of Daegu, DSCF, Daegu
    2018  Normal gaze, Cian Museum, Youngcheon
    2018  The Middle of No Where, Gachang Art Sudio, Daegu
    2018  Here and There, Seongbuk Pumping Station, Seoul
    2018  HAOOK, Haenghwatang, Seoul
    2017  The Ecological Manual BASED on Daegu Art Scence, Daegu Arts Factory, Daegu
    2017  The SHOWING, Gallery artbn, Seoul
    2017  Youth Culture, POSCO Gallery, Pohang
    2016  G-SEOUL art fair, DDP, Seoul, featured with Gallery artbn
    2016  Beyond Isolate Time, Gallery Artbn, Seoul
    2015  Female Art Show, Gallery of Hyen Art Stores, Daegu
    2015  YAP-2015 Youth artist Project 'The Twingkle world', EXCO, Daegu
    2015  AHAF, Marco Polo Hotel ,Hongkong
    2015  World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Center,Dubai
    2014  The Perspective of Contemporary Art, Daegu Arts Center, Daegu
    2013  FACT-Impact, Dong. Won Gallery Gallery
    2013  Sunday Paper- Hikers, TOMA Gallery 9-21, Daegu
    2013  Experimental art project Part.2- Network project, Daegu Arts Power Plant, Daegu
    2012  Experimental art project Part.2- Manners and scenery, Daegu Arts Power Plant, Daegu
    2012  Family展, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Yangpyeong
    2012  Small Master piece展, Lotte Dept. Store gallery, Busan
     And more has been in numerous exhibitions and received awards.

    2015  2015 The Young Artist of the Year, Daegu Arts Center
    2011  A selected artist of Art space HYUN ‌
    Museum of Contemporary Art
    Government Art Bank
    Daegu Bank
    Korea appraisal Board, 
    ‌Daegu Art center , and more private collections

    Ram Han
    (b.1989, Seoul)

    2014  Korea National University of Art BFA, Seoul

    Solo Exhibition

    2017  Nightcap, YOUR MANA, Seoul
    2022  Upcoming, Gallery Whistle, Seoul

    Selected Group Exhibition
    2021  SF2021: A Fantasy Odyssey, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
    2020  Busan Biennale -Words at an Exhibition–an exhibition in ten chapters and five poems, Old Town Busan
    2019  Kahn Parade 2019, Ujeongguk, Seoul, Korea
    2019  Deleted, Gallery Whistle, Seoul, Korea
    2019  Top Wizards, Richard Heller gallery, CA, USA
    2019  Ghost Shot Gun, Audio visual pavilion, Seoul
    2019  Korea Fantasia, Steve Turner Gallery, LA,USA
    2019  SeMA's New Acquisitions MULTI-ACCESS 4913, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul,Korea
    2019  I Draw, D-museum, Seoul, Korea
    2018  Phantom Arm, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
    2018  PACK 2018, space FourOneThree, Seoul, Korea

    Hayne Park 
    (b. 1990, based in Seoul)

    2017  BFA Korea National University of Arts, Visual Art, 2017
    (present)  MFA Korea National University of Arts, Visual Art, Glass Art

    2021  Reigen Gallery Nine, Seoul, Korea
    2020  Scale, Scanning, Seongbuk Art center, Korea
    2020  Art Street, Hyundaicard Storage, Seoul, Korea
    2019  DDP Design Fair, DDP, Seoul, Korea
    2019  Ghost Shotgun, Visual Audio Pavillion, Seoul, Korea
    2018  Gloryhole : Splash-Flash, Daelim University Art hall, Anyang, Korea
    2017  Specimen Storage, SeMA Storage, Seoul, Korea
    2017  Gwangju Design Biennale, Gwanju, Korea
    2017  Nomad Gloryhole Light Theate, 644, Seoul, Korea
    2015  Gloryhole Light Sales, Open Circuit, Seoul, Korea

    2020-2021  Artience Daejeon 2020-2021

    2016  Gloryhole Light Sales Guide Book
    2019  Ghost Shotgun (Publisher : Snowman books)

    Ahn Min 


    2013  Keimyung University, Painting, BFA, Korea

    Solo Exhibition
    2021  Collision, Inyoung Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    2020  Suseong New Artist Contest, Suseong Artpia, Daegu, Korea
    2014  Courtship, Space Gachang, Daegu, Korea

    Selected Group Exhibition
    2020  No more, Normal, Nonprofit Art Space Ssac, Daegu, Korea
    2018  Interactive, Suchang Mansion, Daegu, Korea
    2018  Useful definition, Nonprofit Art Space Ssac, Daegu, Korea
    2017  2017 ASYAF, DDP, Seoul
    2014  Golden Passage, Gachnag Art Studio, Daegu, Korea
    2014  New Artist Collusion, Invite Exhibition, Smiley Face Art Center, Daegu, Korea
    2014  OVER-DRAPES, Beomeo Art st, Daegu, Korea
    2013  Cacophony Ⅸ, Gallery Bundo, Daegu, Korea
    2013  The Beginning 1, 2, Keimyung University of the Geukjae Arts, Daegu, Korea

    2014-15  Gachang Creative studio