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    Duet [Movement and Property〕

    페이지 정보

    Date. 2019.6.4-7.24

    페이지 정보

    Place. 021gallery



    Hae Yul Noh & Yunwoo Choi Exhibition

    Duet [Movement and Property

    Installation work is a duet and a harmony. It is the duet of artwork and space, and the harmony created by the imagination between an artist and audience.

    In this exhibition, artists Hae Yul Noh and Yunwoo Choi present the duet of movement and property through installation work.

    Their exhibition is the duet of reason and experience, and also the duet of science and art.

    Their work processes connote complex scientific calculation and philosophical agony.

    Hae Yul Noh focuses on minimal image and functionality with movement as the material, but the movements that the works show are based on thorough calculation and follow planned track. Yunwoo Choi’s work begins from the question of what is real. The artist’s question expands to the super string theory, one of candidates for the theory of everything that can explain quantum mechanics and theory of relativity in modern physics integrally.


    Hae Yul Noh expresses his moving work as a ‘piece that takes movement as material’. We live in the world of movements. In various areas of movement, the artist focuses on the abstract action where audience and world meet in the process of perceiving ‘movement’, rather than creating ‘moving objects’ and merely watching them. The artist presented many series of movement. <Swing> series, one of the early works, uses ‘rotation’ that can be created most easily as the material. After, he continued various experiments on movements through <General Move>, <Movable> series and <Self Action> series, where artistic expressions are minimized to emphasize the material as matter and object’s physical movement itself, <One Stroke> series on mobility in resting state, and <Layered Stroke> that allows the audience to touch the work to move.


    Yunwoo Choi asks audience a question through the duet of the form and material of work. The content of this question doesn’t change. ‘What is real?’

    A large paper artwork that offers 3D artwork experience on the question about the real, not a 2D writing, is an installation work that consists of folded or rolled paper, such as magazines or newspaper, that are connected into the shape of spiral string. The shape of string in the installation is related to the exploration of ‘super string theory’, which states that the elements that form the world consist of one-dimensional string. In the previous exhibition, the artist presented works that focused on the vibration patterns of string, the smallest unit in the string theory. He actually focused on the ‘effects of light’ to realize the movements of strings in a flat, painting-like work that doesn’t actually move. He created mysterious patterns by repeating the process of pouring colored resin and hardening it, placing paper covered resin on top and casting light. The circular paper shape in <Study for Vibrating String Patterns> series was created as he thought about vibrating string in the super string theory.