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    021. Gala collection display

    페이지 정보

    Date. 2023.03.07 - 05.17

    페이지 정보

    Place. 021gallery



    021. Gala collection Display


     021gallery holds <021. Gala collection display> celebrating March, the season of excitement. Young contemporary artists renowned domestically and internationally hold solo exhibitions at 021gallery. <021. Gala collection display> by Doyeon Kwon and 6 other artists with distinct individuality in diverse and rich harmony will be an exhibition that leaves a longing feeling of free and comfortable travel.


    Artist Doyeon Kwon summons fragments of memory and reconstructs them into photographs, using flash memories that intersect existing objects with the world we are facing now and non-powered airplanes in the early days of history as materials, presenting the imagination of scientists and questions about time implemented in photographs and videos.

    2020 <Flash memory 2>, 2022 <Hovering>


    Artist Youngjae Kim compares the life of an artist to hunting. The dissonance created between the intertwining of the auteurist artistry pursued by the artist and the work desired by the public and art market is presented through an exhibition that unravels the situation of hunters who need slaughtered meat and the subsequent situation in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional ways.

    2021 <The Hunter’s Meal>


    Artist WanSeok Oh explores what is seen and what is drawn, what is connected and what is distinguished, what is revealed and what is hidden. The artist presented a work drawn by looking at a round stone with the simplest circle as a motif which is among the forms that distinguish oneself from the outside.

    2020 <Underpainting>.


    Artist Fanhee Lee proceeds his work by moving across the various surfaces of painting and sculpture, concentrating on the limitations and laws of the medium used.The image circulation system, which is the basis of the artist's work,presented an exhibition of self-reproducing patterns in which the subject, element, color, and form that the artist dealt with in one work affects the next work and recalls and transforms existing images to reproduce the image.

    2018 <Argument>, 2021 <FUGA>


    Artist Greem Jeong explores the form of organic lines at the boundary between a solid and a flat surface. The representative work Mono series, which means single, presented works that embodied the appearance of an object that exists in everyday life in an atypical form, as if one continuous line was drawing a picture in space.

    2021 <Mono>


    Artist Heemin Chung focuses on the characteristics of images produced in the digital environment and the way to experience them, and explores the points where they meet, collide, and diverge with new sensations and the traditional and fixed screen medium of painting.

    2020 <If We Ever Meet Again>


    Artist Minwook Jin draws a calm but mysterious 常春 with the traditional technique of mixing ink, stone, and indigo on silk and coloring it with glue. By deconstructing and reconstructing the trivial and pleasant daily scenery that the artist discovered as a Flâneur from a moving and multi-point, he presented a work of finding clues to the utopia that is always ‘spring’ in everyday life.

    2019 <Small and Blind>


    Artist Seungean Cha creates paintings using the method of weaving referring to modern abstract paintings in Korea and the West. Combining textile craft and fine art, he presented ‘Weave Painting’, a method of weaving cloth directly on a loom and then dyeing or painting it.

    2019 <Wall Hangings>


    Artist Eunhyea Choi visualizes the endless sympathy between the two worlds created by the organic movement that occurs between the momentary and fluid collected by the senses and the real thing through light and shadow. An exhibition that embodies space and time in the world of experience in a pictorial form from the perspective of 'Continuous Multi-layered Space' was presented.

    2018 <Temperature of Memories>