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    AXIS 2023 Sangdong: Yunji Jang solo exhibition

    페이지 정보

    Date. 2023.05.25-07.21

    페이지 정보

    Place. 021gallery sangdong



    AXIS 2023 Sangdong

    Yunji Jang solo exhibition

    The 'AXIS' exhibition held every year at the 021 Gallery is a young artist project.

    AXIS 2023’ is in its 8th year this year. This exhibition is a planned exhibition which seeks to become a foundation for creative activities of talented new artists to devote themselves to their works. AXIS exhibition seeks to be a place for artists from various regions, including Daegu, to expand the scope of exhibitions and work activities by exchanging with each other beyond the region where they are based.

    This year, ‘AXIS 2023’ will be held as a 4 person exhibition in the Beomeo Hall and 1 person exhibition in the Sangdong.

    Artist Yunji Jang will be participating in a solo exhibition at Sangdong.


    Looking at works of Artist Yunji Jang…

    If you draw a piece of childhood memory from the well of memory and paint it with color. Maybe it's the sunlight spreading warmly through my fingers.

    Artist Yunji Jang‘s work is a magic spell that allows us to briefly put down our daily life where we are tired of the competition of spectacle and speed, and quietly enter the time of childhood. Sincere in the artist's in-depth observation and drawing, beads and toys are realistically drawn as if looking at a photograph are vivid as if they would protrude from the canvas and take us to that time of memory. In addition, the work that depicts living things in nature with detailed observation by vividly capturing the existence of the subject makes us feel the value and preciousness of living things by our side.


    While working on memories, I expressed my childhood hidden inside of myself. While cleaning my room by chance, the moment I saw the toys and accessories full of memories from my childhood, the image of the work started to form in my head. It is easy to lose the memory of simple dreams and innocence due to the harsh and overflowing knowledge of our current lives. Perhaps, in order to act appropriately for our age, we may have disguised our innocence as maturity. So, through my work, I brought together all the trivial memories that made me smile and the memories that were distorted and disguised.

    - From the Artist's Notes